‘Daily Show’ Pokes Fun at California Water Conservation

Daily Show Hose

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show poked fun at California’s record drought by inviting California correspondent Al Madrigal on the show to take advantage of an East Coast “drought rumspringa.”



“Tell me more about California’s efforts to conserve water,” Stewart asks Madrigal, while the “California correspondent” pours water all over himself and the surrounding set.

“I’m sick of it, ok, Jon?” Madrigal replies. “Back home it’s all we ever talk about. We used to go to dinner and discuss movies, which stars were secretly gay, but now it’s just, ‘How long was your shower? Did you use the bucket? Hey, that’s the guy whose lawn is green, call the cops!”

When Stewart asks why Madrigal is pouring water all over his set, Madrigal explains that he’s “taking advantage of your unregulated East Coast water-topia.”

“God, this feels so good,” Madrigal says as he pulls out a hose and begins hosing himself and the rest of the Daily Show set down. “I haven’t wasted this much water in seven months, Jon!… I’ve gotta get this out of my system before I have to go home and sip the recycled toilet water.”

When Stewart asks Madrigal to stop soaking his set, the California correspondent takes his “drought rumspringa” to the streets of New York, where he empties a 32-pack of water on the street, flushes clean toilets and goes through a car wash to clean a stain on his suit.

Check out the segment in full above.