VIDEO: Cops Allegedly Eat Pot-laced Food During Dispensary Raid

Santa Ana pot dispensary raid (Screenshot / Voice of OC / YouTube)
Screenshot / Voice of OC / YouTube

The Santa Ana Police Department is conducting an internal investigation after surveillance cameras appeared to capture police officers eating marijuana-laced edibles during a raid at a medical marijuana dispensary.

The video appears to show at least one officer eating a marijuana-infused edible during a raid at the Sky High Holistic dispensary in Santa Ana last month.

(Warning: Strong Language)

Attorney Matthew Pappas, who edited and released the video, plans to sue the city on behalf of Marla James, a patient who claims she was grossly mistreated at the dispensary during the raid, according to VoiceOfOC, which first obtained the video.

The video also appears to show officers attempting to dismantle at least one surveillance camera, and later, playing darts. At one point, a female officer appears to make a threatening remark about James, an amputee.

“You know what, I was really nice to that woman,” James told Orange County Weekly. “I even complimented her on her hair. I treated that woman with respect and I have no idea why she wanted to kick my stump.”

The Santa Ana Police Department said it is not clear whether the item the officer ate was infused with marijuana, but an investigation remains ongoing.

he Sky High Holistic dispensary reportedly anticipated the police raid, and had installed hidden cameras to capture it.

“I’d like to see the police officers disciplined for the behavior that goes on here,” Pappas told KTLA5. “I’d like to see the city stop engaging in illegal conduct.”

Watch the edited video above.