San Diegans Celebrate Shower-Free #DroughtDay

San Diego Beach Shower (Herb Neufeld / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
Herb Neufeld / Flickr / CC / Cropped
San Diego, CA

SAN DIEGO — Some San Diego residents did their part to raise awareness of water compensation by avoiding showers on June 17 in celebration of “Drought Day.”

Drought Day organizer Dylan Krenka told local CBS 8, “We’d like people to just take one day to do a very small act that is very easy to actually do. Some people might enjoy it.”

This past weekend Dylan put up self-designed posters, featuring a shower head shaped like a noose, to promote participation. He said the idea was born while visiting California from Chicago about a month ago.

“Even this small act of not taking a shower can truly make a big difference in just a single day,” said Krenka.

April 1 California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order mandating 25% water cutbacks, the first in the state’s history. At the same time Brown says he’ll be turning to more wine and coffee in place of water, and taking fewer showers.

“The average food a person eats makes up 90% of human water consumption,” states (NWNFNF). “It takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce a single cheeseburger, accounting for the water needed to feed the cow and grow the grain, lettuce, tomato, and onion.”

The Drought Day website directs visitors to a site for the United Nations Convention to Combat Decertification. Drought Day, June 17, coincided with the World Day to Combat Decertification, which was instituted in 1994 through a UN General Assembly declaration.

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