‘Skinny Jeans’ Hate Crime Suspect Surrenders to Police

Skinny Jeans (Lions Tigers Bears / Flickr / CC / Croped)
Lions Tigers Bears / Flickr / CC / Croped

Timothy Brownell, 25, who is accused of accosting three Sacramento-area musicians wearing skinny jeans and stabbing them with his knife while screaming homophobic slurs on Sunday, turned himself in to police Tuesday night.

Brownell was first arrested on charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and possessing a firearm, but he was released on bond by police. On Monday, when the attack was designated a hate crime, police issued an arrest warrant.

According to Alex Lyman, one of the victims, Brown had not responded to anything the victims did, simply yelling epithets and attacking the group because they wore skinny jeans. Two of the victims, Lyman and Weston Richmond, play guitar in the rock band Slaves. Blake Abbey, the third victim, is the lead singer of the band Musical Charis.

Abbey said one of the knife wounds came close to piercing his spleen; he also suffered knife wounds on his throat and arms.

The musicians said Brownell used a 12-inch knife, according to KCRA. The Sacramento Bee reported that a benefit show, called, “I Wear Skinny Jeans,” will be held Saturday night at Pour House to raise funds to pay for the victims’ medical costs.