The New Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

Ug Dog

And the winner is Quasi Modo! The World’s ugliest dog.

In a contest of 25 finalists held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California, the 10-year-old cross between a pit bull and a Dutch Shepherd took first prize.

Quasi Modo suffers from spinal birth defects that have left him with a disfiguring hunchback. After being abandoned, he was pulled from an animal shelter by a veterinarian in Loxahatchee, Florida.

In his biography posted on the contest’s website, Quasi tries to explain himself:

“My appearance can be a little unsettling to some (I have had grown men jump on top of their cars to get away from me because they thought I was a hyena or Tasmanian devil) but once they get to know me I win them over with my bubbly personality.”

According to an AP report two Chinese crested and Chihuahua mixes named Sweepee Rambo and Frodo took the second- and third-place prizes, respectively.