Sex and Gender Choices On Your College App – UC Says Yes We Will

University of Cal Jeff Chiu AP
San Diego, CA

The University of California wants to to take a peek into your bedroom while you apply for admission to college, with new gender identity and sexual orientation questions on their undergraduate application, as just a part of the university’s progressive LGBT agenda.

Data from the voluntary responses to three questions will be used in “allocating resources” and “developing programs” regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students, faculty, and staff.

The new three question voluntary portion of the application will ask applicants to self-identify (according to the San Francisco Chronicle):

  • How do you describe yourself? (Choose from male, female. trans male/trans man, trans female/trans woman, genderqueer/gender non-conforming, or different identity)
  • What sex were you assigned at birth, such as on an original birth certificate? (Male or female)
  • Do you consider yourself to be heterosexual or straight, gay or lesbian, bisexual, or not listed above (Please specify)

“The measures grew out of the 2014 recommendations from the UC Task Force and Implementation Team on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Climate and Inclusion,” the University stated.

The University is pushing to have the most progressive LGBT agenda in the nation. UC President Janet Napolitano put together a 15-member advisory council in June 2014 made up of students, faculty, staff, and “community experts on LGBT issues.”

Additional measures to be instituted include increasing gender-neutral bathrooms and changing rooms, instituting a two-year project proselytizing gender and sexuality studies, and asserting LGBT ideology on students.

Currently officials say the new questions will not provide preferential admission for sexual or gender classification. However, advisory council member Pamela Brown, vice president of institutional research, said the advisory council actions are related to the 2011 Equality and Equal Access in Higher Education law, according to the Chronicle. The law is billed as improving the quality of LGBT student life and collecting sexual and gender information on staff and students.

UC San Francisco announced plans in June to study LGBTQ health. “Small-scale studies have hinted that LGBTQ community members are more susceptible to conditions such as depression and anxiety, and are at higher risk of suicide.” This study is planned to provide population-wide data.

The moves come in the midst of the narrow 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court decision mandating all 50 states issue homosexual marriage licenses. Breitbart News reported that, in the wake of the decision, an Oregon judge ordered two Christian bakery owners silenced from voicing their opinions on same-sex marriage.

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