Donald Trump Piñatas Swing in Sacramento

REUTERS/Daniel Becerril
REUTERS/Daniel Becerril

Some members of the Latino community in California are beating the hell out of the latest Trump incarnation: a Trump piñata.

Although the piñatas are unavailable in California, the family of Hector Barajas, a GOP strategist, bought some in Mexico and brought them north.

Barajas, who has four of the piñatas at his home, chortled, “They are the talk of the town.” He photographed them, posted the pictures on Facebook, where they elicited 155 “likes.” He proudly told local NBC News affiliate KCRA, “I’ve got friends coming up from everywhere saying, ‘I want one, I want one, I want one.”

KCRA 3 visited La Esperanza, a Mexican market in Sacramento, on Thursday, and interviewed some customers, asking them how they felt about the piñata.

Lucila Gonzalez: “I would love to hit it myself. Personally, I would love to beat this piñata. He deserves it. He made an uneducated statement. For someone who’s running for president to speak like that, to have such a closed mindset and way of thinking, it’s so inappropriate it irritates me. And yes I wish I had a piñata like that.”

In Texas, at one store in Oak Cliff called ABC Party, owner Carlos de la Fuente, furious at Trump for his remarks, asked his employee to build a Trump piñata, according to CBS/DFW. The piñatas have sold out.

According to Adelina Torres, the Director del Ministerio Hispano the piñata is associated with both cultural and religious traditions:

The blindfolded person represents the force of defying evil, faith, which must be blind. Sometimes the person would be spun around thirty three times in memory of the life of Christ. The piñata served as a symbol of hope. The stick that breaks the piñata symbolizes virtue; only good can overcome evil. Once the piñata is broken and the candies and fruits rain down, the reward of keeping the faith has been accomplished. The actual piñata stands for charity. When it is broken everyone can share in the divine blessings and gifts. All are justified through faith is the moral of the piñata.