Drivers Vent Anger over Towing Fees from I-15 Fire

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The Associated Press

Several California drivers are balking at the hefty fees they will have to pay for having their vehicles towed from Interstate 15 after the highway was engulfed by a brush fire. Drivers complain that many of the vehicles were drivable, and that they had no choice of towing companies, according to NBC Los Angeles.

On Saturday, I-15, the main artery from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, was reopened for motorists after a thunderstorm hit the freeway and the North Fire was brought under more control by firefighters, who used helicopters and airplanes to drop water and fire retardant to stem the fire.

On Friday, Interstate 15 had been a fiery hell for motorists when the North Fire leaped from the brush to the freeway. The fire destroyed 18 cars and two big-rig trucks: KABC interviewed a California Highway Patrol spokesman who said 50 to 75 vehicles were simply ditched. As cars became engulfed in flames, hundreds of motorists and passengers sought safety off the freeway. Interstate 15 was temporarily closed in both directions.

At 6:12 a.m. Saturday, Cal Fire reported that the fire was 5% contained:

By roughly 6:30 p.m., almost half of the fire had been contained, according to Cal Fire: