Hollywood Murder Allegedly Sparked by Bad Check from ‘Hoodfella’

Carrie Jean Melvin (Facebook)
Carrie Jean Melvin (Facebook)
San Diego, CA

On Friday 31-year-old clothing entrepreneur Ezeoma Obioha was arrested in connection with the July shooting death of a female social media entrepreneur whom he had allegedly attempted to pay with a bad check.

Young Carrie Jean Melvin, 30, was killed the evening of July 5 near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, shot in what Los Angeles police describe as a targeted attack. Police say the gunman shot her in the back of the head, then jumped into a black sedan and drove off, a KTLA report detailed.

Melvin and Obioha’s financial dispute allegedly arose when, Obioha wrote a check to the young woman that bounced, and she threatened litigation authorities told the L.A. Times.

The Daily Mail reported that Melvin’s father Bernie knew of the bounced check, and the adverse financial repercussions it had on his daughter’s life. He conveyed that the young Hollywood production assistant was the “happiest she had ever been,” but had to take on extra waitressing work to make up for the loss in income.

The outlet further noted that investigators believe Obioha was lying in wait to shoot Melvin on her way home from work that Sunday.

Obioha served as Secretary on the LAPD Wilshire Area Community-Police Advisory Board, according to documentation on the LAPD website.

Obioha is listed on the “hoodfella.com” website linked through the Facebook page as a graduate of Morehouse College, veteran of the U.S. Army, C-PAB Secretary and President and CEO of the “Hoodfellas” company. The company is described as “A multifaceted community service & public safety sponsor organization,” and “is financed through donations from the subsidiary corporations and companies managed by Obioha,” the website states.

A Facebook profile photo for Obioha shows him with music star Pharrell Williams.

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