Venice Beach Lifeguard Attacked In Viral Video

Venice Beach
San Diego, CA

Video of an altercation between a Venice Beach lifeguard and three allegedly drunk attackers is circulating the internet. Two men and one woman involved in the incident were arrested and released on bail.

Witnesses say that the brawl caught on camera began when a lit cigarette was flicked onto the lifeguard’s tower. NBC Los Angeles posted the video that shows the lifeguard descending from the tower then get knocked down and hit.

As the lifeguard appears to be attacked at least one man seems to try and intervene.

One woman can be seen and heard claiming, “he sexually harassed me.” A witness told NBC LA that the woman appeared to be assaulting the lifeguard and he tried to fend her off.

A sergeant with the LAPD’s Pacific Division told the outlet that the two men and woman were arrested and officials say they believe the lifeguard was defending himself.

The news outlet reported that family members of those arrested told them off camera that they dispute the lifeguard defense claims. After a trip to the hospital for minor injuries, the lifeguard was released and placed on medical leave.

The names of those arrested and the lifeguard were not immediately available.


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