California Man Crushed To Death By WWII-Era ‘Armored Vehicle’

Armored Vehicle

On August 22 an unidentified 55-year-old victim was riding atop a World War II-era “armored vehicle” when he fell off the front and landed right in the path of the vehicle’s treads.

The man was run over by the vehicle at approximately 2:25 p.m. He was pronounced dead at 3 p.m.

News 10 reports that the incident occurred in the city of Fairfield.

According to Mail Online, the incident occurred at the estate of candy mogul Herman Rowland, who collects “WWII-era military vehicles.” The “armored vehicle” in use on Saturday was allegedly being driven by Dwayne Brasher–wife of Jelly Belly CEO Lisa Rowland Brasher.

Guests at a reunion at Rowland’s estate were taking turns riding on the vehicle “when it hit a mound of dirt while going downhill” and the identified man “lost his balance and fell off the hood.” He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rowland’s collection of military vehicles include “an 18-ton Abbot 105 mm self-propelled gun, a Super Mack NO 7-1/2 ton truck, an Israeli M-5 half-track, a M-561 Gama Goat, a M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier, a FV-603 Saracen APC, and a World War II-era Willys Jeep.”

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