Widow of WWII Vet Killed in Home Invasion Pleads for Info on Killers

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After her husband, Richard, 94, a WWII veteran, died on Monday from a brutal home invasion on July 24, Mauirine Iverson, 85, came forward to plead with the public for information on finding his killers.

Speaking to KCRA, Mauirine stated, “To the guilty party, or parties: Know that you have snuffed out a life and I wonder how this came to be a part of your life. We were married 60 years, it would have been 61 years coming the day after Christmas.”

After the invasion, while Richard lay in a coma in the hospital with all the bones in his face broken, Mauirine told CBS Sacramento that Richard had exited their home to turn off the lights before bed when she heard him cry out.

Mauirine told KCRA, “I’m very sure that it was a woman who came into my living room. I was sitting watching television, baseball game, around ten o’clock at night and she literally bounced into the room.” Mauirine had said in July that she went to look for her husband, adding, “I found him in the breezeway in a puddle of blood, and I mean a puddle of blood.” She told KCRA, “He lost so much blood, but he was able, with my help, to get into the kitchen.”

She concluded her public comments to KCRA by saying of her husband’s killers, “Right now, I am very unhappy with them, but I am trying to be forgiving.”

To make matters even harsher for Mauirine, on Monday, the day Richard died, her home was broken into again, according to Fox40.