CA Senate Passes Bill Banning Drones Near Prisons, Jails


On September 5, the California Senate passed a bill banning residents from flying drones over prisons or jails in the state. Those caught doing so would face misdemeanor charges.

The bill now goes to Governor Jerry Brown (D) to be signed.

According to San Diego Source, the bill was driven by Republicans concerned that drones would be used to “deliver pornography, drugs, guns and other contraband” to prisoners and inmates.”State Sen. Patricia Bates (R- Laguna Niguel), whose District 36 includes northern portions of San Diego County, and state Sen. Joel Anderson (R-El Cajon), co-authored the legislation, which was drafted by state Sen. Ted Gaines (R-Glendale).”

Senator Bates commented on the legislation, saying, “Drones offer many fantastic uses for society, but dropping porn, drugs and guns into our prisons and jails is not one of them. The bill simply makes it clear that flying unauthorized drones over California’s correctional facilities is unacceptable and illegal.”

In August, CNBC reported that “police intercepted a drone and arrested two men that were trying to fly drugs, tobacco and porn into a state prison in Maryland.” Along with the drone, police recovered “tobacco, synthetic marijuana, prescription narcotics, porn DVDs and a handgun.”

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