Police: School Waited 14 Minutes To Report Gunman

Kids at Oak Hill Elementary (Facebook)

On August 31 teachers at Oak Hill Elementary School, near San Diego, spotted a man with an “assault rifle” on campus. The school was consequently placed on lockdown, but police say school officials waited 14 minutes to call 911.

The man was spotted about 8:30 a.m. on the Escondido campus.

According to local ABC News affiliate 10 News, the man with the “assault rifle” was Johnny Martinez and he had just allegedly stolen that gun and two others from a nearby home.

Police said he was using the school grounds as as shortcut while returning from the alleged robber,  and 10 News reports that “the playground was packed with students” at the time Martinez came through.

Yet it took 14 minutes to dial 911.

Escondido Union School District officials said there is no excuse for the fact that the call was not placed immediately, and that the delay in reporting the gunman shows “more training is needed.”

Superintendent Dr. Luis Ibarra said the incident also shows the need for more security cameras, “extra lighting, and more security guards at all the schools.”

Ibarra pointed out that Martinez cut through a chain link fence in order to use the school grounds as a shortcut, so he wants to replace the chain link fence with one made of wrought-iron.

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