Parents, Kids Protest New Pot Shop in San Diego

Marijuana dude (Robyn Back / AFP / Getty)
Robyn Back / AFP / Getty

A marijuana dispensary scheduled to open in October elicited a protest from community leaders in San Diego on Wednesday.

Church leaders, local parents and some of the community’s children grouped in front of the proposed store, praying and holding signs to demonstrate their disapproval of the store’s location. One parent, Olga Espinoza, told News10, “I’m really scared. I feel our kids are going to be in danger. Temptation, I don’t want any temptation around my kids.”

The dispensary, located at 658 East San Ysidro Boulevard, was given approval from the city of San Diego in March along with another dispensary in Kearny Mesa. Jessica McElfresh, attorney for the San Ysidro dispensary, told the San Diego Union Tribune that Wayne Sherer, the operator, would be a “good community partner.”

The first legal marijuana dispensary in the city is located in Otay Mesa, and was approved in January. The state of California first legalized medical marijuana in 1996.

Photo: File