VIDEO: School Fight With Blind Kid Ends with Bully Decked

Blind kid fight (Screenshot)
Blind kid fight (Screenshot)

On September 24 a Huntington High School student received instant justice for allegedly punching and “beating” a blind classmate. The student was also arrested by police.

According to ABC 7, the fight took place “on the [school] campus at about 12:30 pm.”  Police say the blind student walked past the other student “and an argument started, which then turned physical.”

Police indicate that a third student became involved by breaking up the fight. The third student intervened by “hitting the suspect [and] knocking him to the ground.” The student who intervened told the suspect to “leave the [blind classmate] alone in the future or…face the consequences.” He also asked the suspect why he was “hitting a blind kid”?

World News published video of the incident. (WARNING: Strong language)

ABC 7 reports that the suspect who allegedly hit the blind classmate “was arrested for misdemeanor battery and released to his parents.” Police said the incident “does not appear…[to have] any connection with the victim’s disability.”

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