Photo May Suggest Alcatraz Escapees Survived

Alcatraz (Jamie Squire / Getty)
Jamie Squire / Getty
San Francisco, CA

An image that allegedly shows Alcatraz prison escapees John and Clarence Anglin living in Brazil in 1975 could be proof that the bank robbers survived their infamous 1962 breakout from Alcatraz, the maximum security prison located on the San Francisco Bay.

“I can’t say yes or no on it,” Oakland-based U.S. Marshal Michael Dyke said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. “I’ve seen the picture. I’m doing analysis on the photo as we speak and having the FBI look at it. The important thing is to not draw any conclusions as it hasn’t been vetted through regular investigative channels.”

The image was reportedly handed over to authorities by the Anglin brothers’ nephews Ken Widner, 54 and David Widner, 48. The Widners even shared the image with the History Channel, which aired a special, Alcatraz: Search for the Truth, on Monday night.

At the time, the FBI and local authorities concluded the convcits–along with fellow inmate Frank Morris–had drowned and sank to the bottom of the San Francisco Bay. A 1979 film, Escape From Alcatraz, starring Clint Eastwood, reportedly fueled further that speculation.

Alcatraz, which was originally a military prison, took in its first prisoners in 1859. If alive today, John and Clarence Anglin would be 85 and 84, respectively.

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