Common Core: Only 2% of Fresno Kids Ready for College

Student Asleep (Adrian Sampson / Flickr / CC)
Adrian Sampson / Flickr / CC

The Early Assessment Program, supervised by the state Department of Education and California State University, estimates that a paltry 2% of Fresno Unified 11th-graders would succeed in college-level courses.

The Fresno Bee reports that the program tested the 11th-graders in English and math this year and found 98% of the students would need remedial courses in college if they wanted to pass their college courses.

Fresno Unified officials protest that the newly-implemented Common Core Standards affected the results; FUSD spokesman Miguel Arias said the EAP results are only one criterion of many that should be utilized to measure students’ capabilities, arguing, “This is considered a baseline year for everybody.”

When CSU last conducted a similar study in 2011, Fresno trailed the results averaged around the state; 23% of the state’s students were ready for college in English, but only 11% of Fresno students were ready. In addition, 15% of the state’s students were math-ready in 2011, and 4% of Fresno students matched that level.

Over 60% of freshmen at Fresno State wind up in remedial classes.

The 2011 results showed scores within Fresno-area districts, none of them good:

Clovis Unified: 33% English-ready; 23% math-ready;

Central Unified: 12% English-ready; 2% math-ready;

Sanger Unified: 18% English ready; 7% math-ready.