Machete-Wielding Man Hit by 2 Cars in Oakland

Machete hit-and-run in Oakland (Kyle Murphy / Screenshot / Youtube)
Kyle Murphy / Screenshot / Youtube

A man brandishing a machete in the middle of a busy Oakland intersection on Monday was struck by two separate drivers in hit-and-runs.

Video surfaced quickly here, here, and here.

CBS San Francisco reported that the police dispatch report included this segment: “Can I get a second unit for cover, 37th-International. This call is advising a male Hispanic armed with a machete, someone is trying to run him over, and the subject with the machete is hitting the vehicle with it.”

The first vehicle plowing into the man with the machete was red; almost immediately after the first collision,  a white sedan hit the man before driving away.

The Oakland Police Department arrested the man, but would not comment as to any charges filed against him.

Last March, John Nolan Henry III, 24, used a machete in East Oakland to hack off four fingers of another man when they argued in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box.