Ferrari in Flames Drives Itself Away from Explosion

1978 Ferrari (Falcon Photography / Flickr / CC)
Falcon Photography / Flickr / CC

On Sunday night, a 1978 Ferrari burst into flames at a Northern California gas station–and saved the day by driving itself away.

The owner of the Ferrari, Al Cui, told CBS Sacramento that he was pumping gas at a Martinez gas station when he saw a spark from the engine. He said, “I turned to look and realized flames were erupting from above the engine, so I immediately grabbed the fire extinguisher to put it out.”

The San Francisco Chronicle confirmed that the car was a 1978 Ferrari.

But Cui was unsuccessful in putting out the fire, and the car was only inches from explosive fuel pump, so the gas station owner shut off all the pumps, as a precaution. Meanwhile, the car started rolling away by itself. KNTV-TV reported that the Ferrari finally stopped when it ran into a street median.

Cui told KNTV, “Luckily I had it in gear,” Cui said. “I think the fire got hot enough it must have popped something in place. And the car ended up rolling into the street. Thank God. As you can it would have flamed up this gas station and it could have been an ugly scene.” Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Mike Eglite added, “As far-fetched as that may sound,” the incident was “almost like a scene out of ‘Back to the Future.'”

Firefighters arrived to douse the car and pout out the flames.

The San Francisco Chronicle confirmed that the car was a 1978 Ferrari.

Cui concluded, “It was such a nice car.” He told CBS Sacramento that he plans to buy another.

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