Sharp Blades Found in San Diego Playground

Rusty razor (Jackie / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
Jackie / Flickr / CC / Cropped

On Wednesday afternoon, a 4-year-old girl playing in a sandbox at a North Park playground in San Diego was sliced by sharp blades, according to police.

The girl’s father found eight blades clustered near the bottom of stairs at the park, and reported the incident to police, according to FOX 5 San Diego.

According to Lt. Ray Valentin of the San Diego Police Department, the blades were cable protective plates used in construction that have small spikes at each end. The police promptly closed the park and used metal detectors to search the playground.

Valentin told San Diego 6, “Obviously these plates would not normally be in the sand, so we do believe that someone purposefully set these plates in the sand,”

In July, over 24 razor blades were found at Harvest Park in Chula Vista; numerous incidents of razor blades found at Bonita Cove Park in Mission Bay have occurred in the last two years, as FOX 5 has reported.

A fire department spokesman said the young girl escaped serious injury.