11-Year-Old Finds Pills in Halloween Candy


On Sunday morning, the day after going trick-or-treating Saturday night, Mya Ogg, 11, opened a piece of Halloween candy and found two unmarked, white pills shoved into it.

Mya and her older sister MycaBlount had gone trick-or-treating in in the Soaring Oaks neighborhood of Elk Grove, only to discover the pills the next morning. Luckily for Mya, her family always does a candy check after Halloween; Mya found the pills herself.

She told Sacramento-area Fox affiliate FOX40, “It looked already opened, so I unwrapped it and I saw the pills.” Blount added, “You can’t really even feel it, you can’t feel the pills unless you open it to see it’s in there.”

Mya said sadly, “I was disappointed because the people that are doing it, they don’t know how much harm they could do to the kids…I was shocked, I wasn’t that much scared, but I was shocked that somebody would do that to endanger a kid’s life. And not only me, he could’ve handed it out to plenty of other kids.”

She added angrily, “It’s unbelievable that somebody would actually try to give this to a child.”

Trim said Elk Grove Police will examine the pills and determine what kind of pills they are.

On Sunday, police in Kennett Square in Chester County, Pennsylvania, started a candy tampering investigation after several children found needles in Twix bars they received while trick-or-treating in the Stenning Hills area.

Photo: File