CHP Officer Shot During Traffic Stop, Kills Suspect

California Highway Patrol (Jacob Bøtter / Flickr / CC)
Jacob Bøtter / Flickr / CC

On November 1, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer was shot during a traffic stop in Eureka, but was able to return fire and fatally wound the alleged gunman.

According to the Eureka Times-Standard, the Eureka Police Department reported that a CHP officer pulled over a car and one of the occupants “immediately” jumped out and started shooting. The CHP officer was hit in the leg–sustaining non-life threatening injuries–before returning fire and killing the suspect.

Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills said, “When [the CHP officer] made the traffic stop on the vehicle…a person came out of the car firing a handgun at him and he was struck and he went down and he returned fire, wounding the suspect. That suspect has succumbed to his injuries at the hospital and that’s all we have at this time.”

The other occupants of the car were arrested in a tense standoff that caused a sensation among local onlookers.

Police are not planning to release the name of the deceased suspect until Wednesday and they are not releasing the name of the CHP officer at this time either.

CHP Patrol Officer Matt Harvery said CHP has received an “overwhelming” amount “of support” in the wake of the shooting. He said, “We’re extremely appreciative of that. We believe the officer is on his way to a full recovery.”

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