Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Floods–and Rainbows

Rainbow over Hollywood Hills (Doug Addison / Twitter)
Doug Addison / Twitter
San Diego, CA

SAN DIEGO, CA — Torrential rainfall and flooding struck San Diego amidst thunder and lightning on Tuesday night leaving cars stranded and thousands without power.

Several cars were left stuck and some floating in floodwaters off highway 94 on Federal Blvd., according to 10 News. Photos of lightning strikes from the storm are posted on the Team 10 website. Around 9:30 p.m. SDG&&E was reporting power outages at nearly 4,800 homes and businesses.

Rains are forecasted to continue into Wednesday morning across Southern California. Top rainfall totals as of 7 p.m. Tuesday night approached an inch within 48 hours.

A beautiful rainbow graced Los Angeles skies Monday afternoon following scattered rain showers, LAist reported.

In mid-September, L.A. had its biggest one-day rainfall in four years. The phenomenon may not be a fluke, as predictions of a historic El Niño indicate an exceptionally rainy winter ahead. Estimates from the United Nations World Meteorological Organization and the National Weather Service’s July forecast suggest the potential of a coming El Niño as the strongest of its kind since at least 1950, if not in recorded history.

The rain comes as a welcome sight for many Californians weary from a long season of drought. On April 1 California Governor Jerry Brown declared the state’s first-ever mandatory water restrictions.

An even more extensive weather pattern known as a PDO, or Pacific Decadal Oscillation, could put California into an extended period of excessive rainfall if some weather predictors are correct.

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