Skateboarders Descend on Road Buckled by Landslide

Skateboarding buckled road (Garrett Hill / Twitter)
Garrett Hill / Twitter

After a landslide profoundly buckled a 150-foot section of Vasquez Canyon Road between Lost Canyon Road and Vasquez Way in Santa Clarita, skateboarders eager for a severe test descended on the area , according to ABC 7.

The road has been closed until further notice. Some reports said dozens of people showed up over the weekend. ABC 7 reported on Wednesday that onlookers were shooting photos of the action.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works tweeted: “Please RT: Crews fenced off Vasquez Canyon Rd.” The department informed ABC7 that trespassers will be reported to police; they also reported that the cracks in the street may continue to grow and rise. In some places the street has risen as much as six feet. Paul Funk, from the department, told KTLA, “This isn’t just the road; it’s the mountain itself that’s moving and it’s pushing the road up.”

No homes or buildings are in reach of the landslide, but Southern California Edison transmission and distribution poles have been affected have been de-energized for safety.