Salesman Shoots Alleged Robber After Being ‘Ambushed’ and ‘Pistol Whipped’

Hoverboard Shooting ABC 7

On November 29 a salesman was allegedly “ambushed” by two suspects in a strip mall parking lot and “pistol-whipped” before drawing his own gun, opening fire, and wounding one of the two suspects.

The incident occurred in Bellflower “outside a Stater Brothers grocery store in the 17200 block of Lakewood Boulevard.”

According to ABC 7, the salesman went to the parking lot “around 9:30 pm” to meet a man to whom he had “arranged to sell two hoverboards.” While talking to the prospective buyer, the salesman was allegedly “ambushed” and “pistol-whipped” by a second suspect. The salesman managed to keep his wits about him long enough to pull his own gun and open fire, wounding “18-year-old Semaj James.”

James was arrested, but the second suspect got away.

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