Range Owner Training Pastors To Shoot, Carry Guns

Conceal carry pastor (Jim Suhr : Associated Press)
Jim Suhr / Associated Press

Placerville, CA gun range owner Geof Peabody is training pastors and church security teams to shoot and carry guns for their own safety and the safety of congregants.

Peabody owns Peabody’s Gun Range, where the motto is “Fear God and Fear Naught.”

According to CBS 13, Peabody indicates he has “trained more than 500 ministers and church security teams and has seen a dramatic increase in calls over the last few months.” In his last introductory handgun course “nine different churches…were represented” and there were “25 students who [attended]” in addition to church personnel. And he offers “concealed carry courses for ministers and church security teams.”

Dan Moore is head of security at Green Valley Community Church, “where about half of the security team is now packing heat” thanks to Peabody’s training. Moore observed, “How many of the mass shootings lately have occurred in gun-free zones? All of them. Okay? They know it’s a target rich environment.”

Moore said carrying a gun is similar to getting a life insurance policy in that it is “best to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

Earlier this year, after the Charleston shooting, South African missionary Charl van Wyk, who survived a 1993 terror attack on a church by returning fire, told Breitbart News:

Firearms surely make it easier to kill people, but firearms also make it easier for people to defend themselves. Removing all firearms from society risks leaving potential victims defenseless.

Why would those in authority rather see law-abiding, disarmed citizens die, than risk armed citizens harming a criminal? History and common sense prove that gun-free areas are dangerous.

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