Video of Woman Throwing Dog Goes Viral

Woman throwing dog (Screenshot / Youtube / VIRAL)
Screenshot / Youtube / VIRAL

Video of a woman throwing her small dog in Fairfield, California is receiving a lot of attention–attention that may lead to charges against her.

Surveillance video from outside a home shows Brandy Chin walking with the dog, then throwing it onto the ground. Fox 40 local news reported that the video was taken from the home of Candy Seward. According to Seward Chin and her boyfriend–Seward’s roommate–became involved in a heated argument leading up to the dog throwing incident.

Authorities with Humane Animal Services of Solano County and Fairfield police are reportedly looking for the woman and her little pug. Sergeant Michael Ramirez told Fox 40 that there is another report of the woman abusing the dog where a witness recounted Chin holding the dog from it’s tail and “swinging it around.”

The video goes on to show what looks like bystanders trying to take the dog from Chin. Seward told reporters that indeed people wanted to take the dog away, but that Chin escaped before they could manage it. Seward commented, ”I think that she should be punished and maybe someone should talk to her about animal cruelty.”

Chin may be in the Vallejo area. Sergeant Ramirez told the local news outlet, “We are looking to file animal cruelty charges against her and have this dog removed from her because the dog doesn’t deserve that.”

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