Business Owner Sues After City Refuses To Allow Gun Store


Gunsmith and gun salesman Todd Settergren is suing Daly City after the City Council rejected the Planning Commission’s approval of his application to open a gun store in the city.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, Daly City’s “Planning Commission unanimously approved Settergren’s application in mid-2015, but when the matter was submitted to the City Council for routine approval, Councilman (now Vice Mayor) David Canepa delayed approval, calling for additional study and community debate.” Some of the speakers in the community debate “were mothers who had lost children to gun violence.”

Thereafter, the city council voted 3-2 against allowing Settergren to open his gun store.

So Settergren filed a lawsuit against the city on January 15.

As Cristina Rendon of Local Fox affiliate KTVU reported:

Todd Settergren was denied a use permit to operate last year by the city council, despite going through the application process, getting full approval from the Daly City Planning Commission, sending out public notices, and installing a strict security plan for the store. The lawsuit claims he was treated unfairly because other stores that sell weapons in Daly City didn’t have to get a use permit before they opened.

The Vice Mayor is fighting back. He said it’s his responsibility to listen to residents and they have said they don’t want a gun store in the neighborhood or within close proximity to schools.

According to the Examiner, the suit alleges Settergren “suffered discrimination” and claims Canepa demonstrated “a pre-existing bias” by exchanging emails with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence about Settergen’s application.

Settergren is also seeking compensatory damages for the money he has not been able to make due to the City Council vote, the Examiner notes.

Vice Mayor Canepa responded to Settergren’s suit, telling the Examiner, “The best decision I ever made on the City Council was disapproving that gun shop, because it was the right thing to do.”

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