San Bernardino Supervisor ‘Wants to Arm All Eligible Citizens’ to Prevent Terrorism


San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood “wants to arm all eligible citizens” — including county workers — in a bid to prevent or stall another terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

Fox LA reports that Lovingood wants citizens to get concealed carry permits, and he wants to see a change in policy at county offices that will “allow county workers to volunteer to become authorized to carry concealed weapons” as well. And it appears many San Bernardino County residents are thinking the same way. For example, “Waiting times for concealed carry permits in San Bernardino County have spiked from 3 months before the shooting, to more than a year, due to the flood of applicants.”

According to The Desert Sun, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department received “75 applications [for concealed carry] during the weekend following the attack, when it normally averages 10. By the end of the month, deputies had received 750 applications, compared to a monthly average of 80.” And Captain David Teets explained that the demand for concealed carry permits is surging in Riverside County as well.

An interview is part of the process for acquiring a concealed carry license in Riverside, and Teets explained that the number of applicants has pushed appointments for interviews from an average of “eight to 10 months” to “as far out as 18 months.”

Writing in the Daily Press, supervisor Lovingood made clear his belief that “empowering the people to protect themselves is a good place to start” in the fight against terrorism.

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