Beyoncé Stayed at $10k-per-Night Airbnb for Super Bowl


Beyoncé really is like everybody else. She stayed at an Airbnb when she performed at the Super Bowl. A $10,000-per-night Airbnb.

This is the same woman who complained in 2014, “I sometimes wish I could be anonymous and walk down a street just like everyone else. Before I was famous, I was the girl on the hill with a guitar. I was the girl who just wanted a beautiful view of the beach and now that I’m famous, it’s really, really difficult to do very simple things. I think it’s the hardest thing to give up.”

As of June 2014, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z had a net worth of over $1 billion. So her dreams of a simple life took a hit over Super Bowl weekend when she stayed at a five-bedroom home in Los Altos Hills boasting a game room, wine cellar, infinity pool, fitness center, grand piano, fruit orchard, and a 270-degree scenic view of the Bay and Silicon Valley, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

At least Beyoncé could have her privacy at her temporary residence so awkward pictures could not be taken by paparazzi. She has a problem with candid pictures of her, as Buzzfeed discovered after the 2013 Super Bowl.