Dash-Cam Captures Fireball over Southern California

Dash cam fireball (KCAL / YouTube / Screenshot)
KCAL / YouTube / Screenshot

A dash-cam captured a giant green fireball streaking across the Southern California sky on Tuesday evening, according to local CBS News affiliate KCAL-9. The apparent meteor was visible from the Mexican border to Ventura County.

Several people saw the flash, according to KCAL-9:

U.S. Strategic Command said it does not believe it was a man-made object.

In a statement, the agency said the object did not appear to be a tracked satellite in their database.

That has led them to conclude the reentry of a man-made object did not occur.

Residents of the area have become used to seeing strange objects flashing through the night sky in recent months. A bright meteor streak in 2013 made headlines. Last year, offshore missile tests by the U.S. military caused brilliant nighttime displays that were seen across several states and caused flight to be diverted.