New Hillary Clinton Website Allows You to ‘Trump Yourself’

Trump yourself (Screenshot)
Trump yourself (Screenshot)

Hillary Clinton has launched a website that allows users to “Trump Yourself” using the Facebook platform to superimpose now-infamous lines uttered by Donald Trump onto their profile pictures.

Clinton launched the website (which redirects to just ahead of the final night of the Republican National Convention on Thursday, where Trump gave his official speech as the Republican Party’s nominee, using her Twitter account:

All of the Trump quotes are accompanied by the location and date of the when he uttered them. “Trump Yourself” filters include his quotes about women, gay marriage, various ethnic groups, “people who doubt his success,” “people who enjoy Diet Coke,” and even dogs.

Users have been posting their filters on social media and accompanying them with the #TrumpYourself hashtag:

Others have shot back at Clinton and her own policies, suggesting she won’t have the last laugh:

The site experienced a slight technical glitch on the day it launched, which was labeled as a “SAD!”

Clinton’s social media point person, Emmy Bengtson, tweeted out that her team had to shut down the page until they could figure out what went wrong:

The site appeared to be back up and running shortly afterwards. Most of the users appeared to appreciate the humor behind the site:

Too many to choose from! I got octo-Trumped. Thanks, @HillaryClinton! #TrumpYourself

— Ebroodle (@ebroodle) July 21, 2016

#TrumpYourself Clever.

— Laura Fink (@laurakfink) July 21, 2016

However, as with anything “free,” there is a catch. Users who wish to “Trump” themselves will automatically have their email enrolled with the Clinton campaign. Clinton’s camp usually sends multiple emails a day.

What the Clinton campaign gets if you play their new (and quite slick) #TrumpYourself game:

— Nick Corasaniti (@NYTnickc) July 21, 2016

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