‘Wrong Steve Bannon’: UK Man Receives Torrent of Abuse, Love

Steve Bannon (Twitter)
Steve Bannon (Twitter)

Steve Bannon describes himself as a “Scots golf dad in the UK.” However, he happens to have a similar name to Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, who was appointed CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign this week.

Since that news broke, Bannon has received a slew of tweets expressing both support and disdain, targeting him as the man who has been described by the mainstream media as “America’s most dangerous political operative” over the past 36 hours.

Breitbart’s Stephen K. Bannon’s Twitter handle is @StephenBannon. But the UK man, who describes himself as “a golf dad in England hoping to get my 13-year-old on tour,” has the handle @SteveBannon.

Steve’s social media woes began on Wednesday after news broke that the Breitbart executive had joined Trump’s campaign.

Steve took to social media in response to let the world know, “Oops” you’ve got the “wrong Steve Bannon.”

His first reply to the hateful responses he received stemmed from a California user who referred to Stephen as a “racist,” an “asshole,” and a “sychophant.” Steven responded with a stern warning:

However, when the hatred ensued, and he was called “a racist just like Trump”, “anti-Semitic” and as hating immigrants, Steve threatened to sue:

Another user with the handle @mariomartinv wrote: “Good morning sociopath, so you are evil’s pimp now, anything you do you’ll get twice, scum like you only language uget.” Steve replied by writing: “get your facts right and direct your abuse to the correct Steve Bannon.”

The UK Bannon also received a great deal of positive feedback, and expressed that he “love[s] the publicity” in response to a tweet praising Trump’s campaign additions.

Steve even tweeted Trump to let him know that he’s “getting loads of abuse” from people.

One of Steve’s sympathizers, who shares the same name as an Australian politician, Peter Dutton (same spelling), tweeted to him “Hate to tell you that the abuse will never end.”

Some of Steve’s abusers apologized for their nasty remarks. Others did not. Meanwhile:

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