Woman Finds Red Foreign Object in McDonald’s Oatmeal


A hard chunk of red plastic greeted daily McDonald’s patron Cyndee Poindexter as the Oceanside woman slipped open her morning bowl of oatmeal.

Poindexter removed the lid of the paper container of oatmeal to show local ABC News affiliate 10 News the bright red object stewing in the raisin-dotted oatmeal.

Poindexter’s daughter, Kayla Elaine, pointed out words what turned out to be a part of the fast food joint’s hot water machine. “Lift for hot water,” the plastic piece read, according to Elaine. The daughter remarked that she felt sick over the “dirty,” “filthy” foreign object.

She recounted her immediate return to the Mission marketplace McDonald franchise location on College Boulevard. Upon confronting an employee, Poindexter told 10 News that she received the response, “Oh yeah, I was looking for that on the ground” from the employee. Poindexter was flabbergasted that such a large object could be missed and wondered what else could be making its way into her food. Elaine joined in her mother’s bewilderment that the item could have made it into her mother’s hands without notice from an employee.

The former McDonald’s oatmeal enthusiast told the local news outlet that she has probably been spending around $90 a month buying her daily oatmeal at the establishment.

The mother and daughter say they aren’t looking for compensation, and that they just want to raise public awareness, according to 10 News. Poindexter said they were offered a free meal, but was shocked at the thought of it. The woman are laying off of fast food for the time being.

A statement from the franchisee of that McDonalds location provided to the local news outlet called health and safety of employees a “top priority.” The owner apologized to Poindexter for not meeting standards set for the location. He said the matter is being taken seriously and that the restaurant is taking measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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