Man Poses as Delivery Guy to Show Resume to Silicon Valley Bosses

Donut resume (Lukas Yla / Twitter)
Lukas Yla / Twitter

A Lithuanian-born marketing professional, whose dream is to work in a big Silicon Valley company, is trying to break through to potential employers by hand-delivering donut boxes with his resume posted to the inside.

“I am chasing my dream and doing everything that’s in power of me,” Lukas Yla told local Fox affiliate in the Bay Area KCPQ.

La, who has delivered 40 such boxes so far, attaches a note to the inside of the donut boxes, along with his resume. “Most resumes end up in the trash. Mine — in your belly,” he writes, in large red lettering.

Yla reportedly dresses up as a Postmates courier in order to drop his delicious resume idea off at 40 different places. Yla told ABC 7 that he “ordered a burger from the Postmates just to check how they do the delivery,” and then designed a T-shirt that copied the Postmates logo.

He reportedly had to go to three different places before one would agree to print the logo for him.

So far, he has received 10 interviews. However, KCPQ notes that he has not accepted a job yet.

The regional vice president of staffing firm Robert Half said his motivation sat well with her. “It sounds like he’s a go-getter, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the job and I’d hire him,” Heather Johnston told ABC 7.

Yla also includes a link to his LinkedIn profile on his resume.

On his Twitter account, Yla notes that he was “helping a car sharing company named CityBee to go mainstream” for the last three years and that he is now “looking for new opportunities in marketing, advertising & tech.”

His job search has received attention over social media:

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