Security Guard Reports Men With Clown Masks, Gun, Outside San Francisco Mall

clown proxy-73
AP Photo

Police are looking for three suspects after a security guard reported seeing the men with clown masks and a gun outside the Westfield San Francisco Centre’s entrances.

The San Francisco Police Department says the “guard was conducting a routine sweep outside one of the mall’s entrances near Market and Powell streets when he approached the men…[and] one flashed a gun.”

According to NBC 4, the SFPD reports the men as “between 20 and 30” years old and they fled the scene on foot once approached by the guard. It is unclear whether the men were completely outside the mall or just inside the door–in a foyer–when the guard approached.

The suspects have yet to be located.

SFPD spokesperson Carlos Manfredi is asking citizens to be aware of their surroundings with Halloween approaching. He said, “Keep your eyes open for anything that’s out of the ordinary and looks suspicious.” NBC 4 reports that “people sporting clown masks have been discovered scaring people and even threatening Bay Area schools.”

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