California Man: If Love and Karma Fail, I’m Buying an AK-47

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Scott Olson/Getty

The surge in California gun sales continue apace, with handgun sales in the state reportedly up 40 percent this year and long sales up 100 percent, according to Fox News Insider (via

The long gun sales are largely driven by the fact that new gun controls take effect January 1, 2017. Those controls ban rifles with “bullet buttons,” a magazine release mechanism that will be illegal to purchase after December 31, 2016, but will remain legal to own if bought before the ban goes into effect. This puts the future of AR-15 and AK-47 sales in jeopardy and is feeding the buying frenzy.

Fox News Insider reports that “Californians are rushing to get their hands on the AR-15, which is America’s most popular rifle and a longtime target of gun control proponents.”

Jenna Lee, an anchor at Fox News Channel, tweeted a video of a man in line to buy a gun in California. The man explained that his central plan is to hope “love and karma” win the day, but said he was buying an AK-47 just in case:

“I am here because I believe in a system of love and karma, but to counterbalance that if it fails, I am buying an AK-47 today,” he said.

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