Watch the Video the Environmentalist Industry Has Censored from YouTube

Joe Schoffstall reports: Phelim McAleer, Director and Producer of “Not Evil Just Wrong,” is now in a censorship battle. Josh Fox, director of “Gasland,” was confronted by Phelim and did not like the outcome. Due to this, he has used his lawyers to have this video removed from YouTube and Vimeo.

An e-mail sent out by Phelim further explains the sitution:

“McAleer had posted the short film on YouTube, but Fox took legal action and had it pulled down. McAleer attempted to get around the ban by posting it on rival website Vimeo, but once again Fox called in the lawyers and the film was yankedFox is the director of Gasland, a documentary which claims a type of gas drilling, known as fracking is polluting water.In particular, Fox claims the drilling has polluted drinking water so badly, that families are now able to light the water coming from their faucets. These water lighting incidents are one of the most dramatic scenes in Gasland.