'The View' Panelist Scolds Barbara Walters For Using N-Word; Different When Whoopi Says It

Double standards were on display in full force during an amazing conversation on Monday’s “The View” centered around Herman Cain’s reaction to reports of a rock with a racial epithet painted on it in Texas. Panelist Sherri Shepherd had an emotional reaction to Barbra Walters when Ms. Walters used the word while discussing the story, yet Whoppi Goldberg used the word over ten times during the same conversation.

Also, Ms. Sheppherd seems perfectly comfortable using the term “Jew you down” and says she would only not use it around someone if they told her it made them uncomfortable.

In light of today’s report from Big Government about candidate Barack Obama marching with and sharing the same stage with Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panthers, will “The View” have an impassioned discussion about the President’s vile association with that known racist and anti-Semite?