Tapper on Selection of New White House Press Secretary: 'Obama Likes His Bros'

Tapper on Selection of New White House Press Secretary: 'Obama Likes His Bros'

On CNN’s “Inside Politics” on Sunday, moderator Jake Tapper asked his panelist Margaret Talev of Bloomberg News to speculate as to why White House press secretary Jay Carney’s departure from his post was announced last Friday as opposed to any other day.

According Talev, it may have been effort by the Obama administration to blunt any criticism for choosing White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest over a female in that it didn’t give time for speculation.

Partial transcript as follows:

TAPPER: Why on Friday, Margaret? Why announce it that day?

TALEV: This may have been long planned and maybe it was always going to be a Friday. But look, the advantage of dumping it on a Friday, on a really busy Friday with a lot of other stuff going on, is that he will not get the same amount of coverage for not replacing Jay [Carney] with a woman. A lot of speculation on whether this would be a finally female press secretary under Obama. It will not be. It will be a continuation of the status quo, a trusted loyal member, but not a woman. And this makes something that won’t get enough attention.

TAPPER: Another white men. People thought Jen Psaki at the State Department, but –

TALEV: She’s been mentioned among others —

TAPPER: President Obama likes his bros – he likes his bros.

MOLLY BALL, The Atlantic: He does like his bros

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