Matt Drudge Discusses Upcoming Midterms, Border Crisis in Rare Radio Interview

Matt Drudge Discusses Upcoming Midterms, Border Crisis in Rare Radio Interview

In an appearance Washington D.C. radio 103.5 FM WTOP’s “Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center” on Friday, Drudge Report editor and founder Matt Drudge gave a rare interview about Washington and some of the hot-button topics of the day.

Drudge referred to the heartbeat of the nation, which he said could be argued for “good or bad.” However, he also preview this fall’s midterm elections and said that perhaps we’ll discover the American people do want gridlock.

“Well, we’re about to get another election here,” Drudge said. “Will people vote exactly as they did last time? Probably. Maybe we’ll get the same exact results. Wouldn’t that be ironic if America doesn’t want things changed? You know the argument here is, ‘Keep changing it. Keep changing it.’ Well, maybe the elections tell us they don’t want change. Maybe they like the gridlock. I don’t know.”

He said the topic that had captivated his attention was the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border, which he speculated could spread to other places in the country, even Washington, D.C.

“I’m more obsessed with what’s going on with the border these days,” he continued. “I know it’s not an immediate issue here unless we start getting unless we stop getting some of the immigrant shipments in and there’s been talk to bring some to Washington. I know there’s big fights throughout the country. Virginia just said no. Do not bring immigrants here from the border en masse. And Speaker Pelosi – former Speaker Pelosi’s going down to the border this weekend. These are very hot spicy issues. We’re into an interesting summer here. We’re only about a week-old into. I’m sensing some heat. And not just from the temperature outside. I think things are heating up in many respects.”

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