OK Rep: We Learned Illegal Immigrant Facilities Closing from the Media

OK Rep: We Learned Illegal Immigrant Facilities Closing from the Media

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) said that he learned that the Department of Health and Human Services was closing a housing facility for illegal immigrants in his state through the media.

On Monday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel, Bridenstine said, “I heard about the closing of the HHS facility that’s supposed to close on Friday. I heard about it today through the media. This is the standard operating procedure of this administration.”

“The children are being released, and they are being released to sponsors who are in the country, themselves, illegally. It’s very difficult to understand who we are releasing these children to and certainly it’s impossible to do criminal background checks on people who are in this country illegally” Bridenstine stated. 

Adding that the HHS has stated that Fort Sill will be available into the end of January, “I can tell you that the crisis will come back. HHS has indicated that the military bases will be available through January 31, and although they are closing this week, the facility at Fort Sill, they are saying that it is available for further use when the temperature cools down. It’s available when they need it.”

“It appears that this administration is interested in one thing, and that is politics. And They inform us statement at the same time they send their press releases” Bridenstine concluded.

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