State Department: ISIS Is Al Qaeda

State Department: ISIS Is Al Qaeda

Wednesday on CNN, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran Brett McGurk said, “ISIS is al Qaeda” because he said there are many groups that have morphed from each other now all “competing” for the “global jihad mantle.” And added the winner needed to hit harder than Sept. 11,2001, which poses an “extremely serious threat to us.”

“ISIS is al Qaeda,” McGurk said. “It’s al Qaeda and it’s a global jihadist organization. That’s where the thousands of foreign fighters coming into Syria and Iraq, they’re drawn to the global jihad. ISIS is reaching for the mantle of the global jihad. It is in competition with the leader of al Qaeda in Pakistan for that mantle. That’s what its leader Abu al-Baghdadi — that’s his goal. This is an extremely serious threat to us. Extremely serious threat to the region and something we have to begin to confront with our partners in the region.”

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