Farage: Multiculturalism 'Leads to' Citizens Fighting for ISIS

Farage: Multiculturalism 'Leads to' Citizens Fighting for ISIS

UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader and MEP Nigel Farage blamed British multiculturalism and political correctness for the number of British citizens fighting for ISIS and decried the Scottish independence movement as a “pack of lies” and a “lethal cocktail” of Socialism and nationalism on Thursday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel. 

Speaking on the Rotherham scandal, Farage said “They [local authorities] feared if they said anything or did anything, they might appear to be racist. So, so, that’s kind of how we start off in the UK with this problem, and then it leads on to more. It leads on to whole districts becoming no-go zones for the police. It leads on to Sharia Law actually being implemented in parts of British cities, and then after that it leads to British citizens going off to Syria, and Iraq, to fight for the Islamic State.” And “if we in Britain and America and the West, if we people, who come from Christian cultures and believe in democracy, value them, we’d better stand up and start fighting for them. And that doesn’t mean we’re against other religions. Far from it. We can be tolerant, of course we can. I mean this country, Britain, has always been tolerant of different cultures and communities, but we have to accept that our society is based on the rule of law, and based on the fact that every individual must be treated equally.”

Farage also slammed the Scottish independence movement, declaring “there is a false prophet called Alex Salmon…he is the nationalist leader, and he has sold them, yeah, I’m going to say it, a pack of lies. Actually, the truth is, that if you look at government spending per capita, we spent 1,800 pounds a head more on the Scots than we spent on the English. We have given them devolved powers and allowed their MPs to vote and operate in the Westminster Parliament on decisions.”

He added “nationalism is a good thing in small quantities. You know, believing in your country, believing in your flag, believing your want your family to understand the inheritance that you’re giving them, that is good. But when you get nationalism in excesses, and Alex Salmon’s Scottish National Party certainly is excessive nationalism, if you link it to Socialism, you have got a lethal cocktail. And what I experienced myself, on the streets of Scotland, and what has been happening over the last two weeks with intimidation of people who intend to vote for the Union, threats to businesses, that they’ll be boycotted. This has turned really, really ugly and nasty.”

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