Report: OK Beheading Suspect Wrote 'America and Israel are Wicked'

Report: OK Beheading Suspect Wrote 'America and Israel are Wicked'

Reporters Rob Morris and Sarah Jensen of The Moore Daily said that a Facebook page believed to belong to Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Nolen contained “chilling” posts attacking the United States and Israel on Friday’s broadcast of “The Sean Hannity Show.”

Both confirmed that they had seen posts stating “America and Israel are wicked, wake up Muslims,” and one with a picture of the Statue of Liberty that said “land of the free” meant “free from the God Allah, [and the] laws of the Bible” in addition to quotations from Deuteronomy and Leviticus.  Jensen stated that the page “does look like” the page belongs to Nolen and that “from as far as what we can tell” the posts come from Nolen’s page.

Morris added that Nolen’s personal life and motivation is a “mystery,” pointing out that Nolen had been recently terminated from his job at the Vaughan Foods where he went on his rampage and that it was “hard to say” what role his termination played in the rampage.

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