Priebus: Opposing Guest Workers 'Getting in the Weeds'

Priebus: Opposing Guest Workers 'Getting in the Weeds'

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus argued that stating opposition to increased guest workers in a campaign ad was “getting in the weeds” in a discussion on the GOP’s 2014 campaign strategy on Tuesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

When asked about the Republican Party opposing increased guest workers, he responded “I think at that point you’re getting in the weeds,” and that such a position couldn’t be explained in a 30-second ad.

Ingraham responded that “I could write that ad in my sleep.”

Preibus said that it was “100 percent right” that Republicans should attack Democrats on the economic impact of their immigration policies and that “you have to explain it and do exactly what you said, which is secure the border and uphold the law.”

He also agreed that “you need to be aggressive with this…I think that [Sen. Pat] Roberts (R-KS) and others shouldn’t let the other side define them on something that isn’t even accurate and you doing it by being specific. And you say, ‘I am going to vote for and enforce the 2006 border fence that’s clearly spell out in our platform that we are not going to fund sanctuary cities.’”

Ingraham responded to Priebus’ claim that “you need to make it very clear where you stand on securing the border, very clear where you stand on amnesty, and very clear that what you’re being painted as isn’t true and make a pledge to do the opposite” by arguing “defensive, vanilla, that’s not going to win…at the end of the day [voters need to] know these guys, these Republicans they’re not only not going to ram through stupid bill that would double the number of guest workers. They’re actually going to be fighting for my middle class wages and they’re going to be fighting for my future.”

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