Jon Stewart Slams Dems for Fundraising Hypocrisy, Email Barrages

Jon Stewart Slams Dems for Fundraising Hypocrisy, Email Barrages

On his Monday broadcast of “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart took aim at Democratic politicians and their campaign apparatuses for their shameless pleas for monetary donations.

Stewart noted some Democrats have criticized money in politics, but have not shied away from soliciting donations for their political efforts, in particular President Barack Obama, who last week attended a fundraiser hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Here’s a tip,” Stewart said. “It may undercut your message when you’re condemning a thing you’ve clearly mastered. It’s one of those ‘thou shalt not kill,’ but if you’re going to: single shot, back of the head, you want a carbon steel hacksaw, then put the parts in several trash bags, spread them out over a forest.”

Stewart also criticized the seemingly non-stop barrage of email solicitations from Democrats asking for Democratic donations.

“Then of course, there are the emails,” he said. “Oh, dear God, the emails from the Democrats with a frequency and desperation matched only by a Nigerian Prince selling a Groupon deal for boner pills. The Democrats and the emails will not stop trying to make you give that money.”

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