The Hill's Stoddard: Immigration 'Huge Story' Unused by GOP

The Hill's Stoddard: Immigration 'Huge Story' Unused by GOP

The Hill Associate Editor A.B. Stoddard argued that recent stories about the Obama administration planning an executive order to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants and releasing illegal immigrants with criminal histories were “huge political hot potatoes” that Republicans were not using on Thursday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Stoddard said that news that the federal government was soliciting for contractors who could print additional ID cards “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements,” “would be the most unbelievably explosive political story, if it weren’t for Republicans being hesitant, I think, about, using this issue because they’re worried. There’s a divide in the party about how they approach it going into 2016 and trying to get elected in a general election where President Obama beat Romney 71-27 in the Latino vote and that only is getting worse…there is this push/pull.”

She added, “this idea that this is being paid for, ordered, planned on without any consent of Congress, this complete runaround, around the Congress, after the situation with the border crisis this year would be an enormous story, and I only really see former Senator Scott Brown using it in New Hampshire.”

Stoddard similarly stated that a report that the Obama administration released illegal immigrants with serious criminal records, “would be a huge story to turn out even more Republican voters than the ones that are already ready to step up in this midterm election.  You have, again, this tension where you have the Chamber of Commerce cutting ads in Spanish in Colorado with a high Latino population there…this is a very tricky, tricky, line to walk.  And that is why you don’t hear a lot of the candidates talking about this story.”

She concluded, “this is under the radar, when they would be, they’re huge political hot potatoes. They’re not being used.”

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