Matthews: Obama Not a 'Real Chief Executive'

Matthews: Obama Not a 'Real Chief Executive'

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host, Chris Matthews wondered aloud if President Obama would change and “become a real chief executive” rather than “just a really good speech-giver” on Friday.

Matthews asked if “Obama is ready to change his last two years and become a real chief executive, not just a really good speech-giver or inspirational leader, but actually accept the job of running the US government? Is he ready to take that job on every day, 24/7, I’m the guy running this place?”

He added, “one of the problems he’s [Obama’s] got is organization…there’s two ways to run a White House. the Kennedy method, spokes in the wheel. Calling up the captain, calling up the major, calling up anybody during the Cuban Missile Crisis to find out what’s going on…and then there’s the chain of command, the Eisenhower method, the Reagan method, a strong chief of staff who cracks the whip, and everybody knows their job and who their boss is…I’m waiting for one of those to clarify itself and say, ‘okay this is the way Obama does things.’ I don’t know which way he does things.”

Matthews also stated that columnist Charles Krauthammer’s accusation that the president is a “bystander” to problems that happen under his watch was made “brilliantly.”

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